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Dr Athena Roufas

Dr Athena Roufas

MBBS(Hons) BSc(Med) MMed(OphthalSci) FRANZCO

Dr Athena Roufas is a cataract, corneal and glaucoma specialist. She has extensive cataract surgery experience, including complex cataract removals in patients with uveitis, advanced or dense cataracts, angle-closure glaucoma and eye trauma, as well as in those who have had a vitrectomy. Dr Roufas also treats a range of corneal conditions, with particular expertise in corneal transplantation, collagen cross-linking, pterygium surgery and dry eye. For glaucoma treatment, Dr Roufas specialises in trabeculectomy and glaucoma drainage devices.


Dr Roufas received a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Honours, and a Master of Medicine in Ophthalmic Science from the University of New South Wales. She completed a fellowship in glaucoma at Westmead Hospital in Sydney and a fellowship in cornea and anterior segment trauma at King’s College Hospital in London. Dr Roufas spent many years as a research fellow at the University of Sydney’s Save Sight Institute (Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health). More recently, Dr Roufas undertook research on an adhesive drug delivery technology for corneal and scleral wounds at the Centre for Vision Research, Westmead Institute for Medical Research in Sydney. She is a consultant and involved in teaching and supervising trainee ophthalmologists at Sydney Eye Hospital and Royal Alfred Prince Hospital.

Dr Roufas consults at Vision Eye Institute Bondi Junction, Chatswood and Mosman.